bot completeness

Fun :

!cum – makes you cum

!pee – makes you pee

!allahuakbar | !aa – produces a fake explosion and a fake explosion sound

!poop – makes you poop

!dab – makes you dab

!lmgtfy | !google – searches google

!r34 | !rule34 – searches

!eyebleach – will make you want to bleach your eyes

!fuckme – you and salt will have sexual intercourse

!marry – marries you to a player

!8ball – answers a yes/no question

!randomlink – gets a random link

!choose – plays would you rather

!getdressed – shuffles what the bot is wearing and holding

!getnaked – will clear salt’s inventory

!wsid – stands for “what should I do”; bot will give you a random task

!go – bot will walk to certain coords if they’re close enough

!online – get the number of online players

!hat – places any block/item onto your head

!rhat – removes your hat

!radio-on – tunes into Radio New Vegas

!radio-off – turns off Radio New Vegas

!jg – makes it look like someone joined the game


!tpa – teleports you to another player.

!seen – shows the date a player was last online in DD/MM/YYYY format.

!wild – teleports you to a random spot under 10K from spawn (can only be used once per player)

!spectator – sets salt’s gamemode to spectator mode

!creative – puts salt in creative mode

!screenshots – links to

!vote – links to the server’s vote page on MCSL

!v – displays _saltshaker’s documentation

!specs – displays the server specs

!help – links to this website

!respawn – respawns _saltshaker

!discord – links to the Discord server

!servers – displays list of Echoes servers

!rules – displays rules

!spawnportal – replaces the End nether portal

!cities – displays info about teleport-accessible cities

!pushable – spawns a pushable block (donors only)

!removepushable – removes a pushable block (donors only)

!getsalt – teleports salt to you

!spawn – teleports you to spawn

!home – takes you home

!sethome – sets your home

!delhome – deletes your home

!listhomes – lists your homes

!color – changes the color of your username (donors only)

!afk – marks you as AFK (you can’t use _saltshaker commands in AFK mode)

!unafk – marks you as not being AFK

!suicide – kills you

!lookup | !lu – looks up a player on Useful for seeing past usernames or skins.

!leaderboard – shows you the server leaderboard

!unleaderboard – removes the server leaderboard from your view

!leaderboard set – sets the leaderboard to . Available objectives are:

  • TicksAFK
  • SteaksEaten
  • Deaths
  • TotalKills
  • PlayerKills
  • DistanceWalked
  • DistanceFlown
  • MysteryPoints
  • Experience
  • WithersKilled
  • WithersSpawned
  • BellsRung
  • TNTPlaced
  • NetherrackMined
  • StoneMined
  • EndstoneMined
  • timePlayed


On Echoes Anarchy we’ve got a couple of cities set up by server admins. Despite this, there is NO admin intervention in the construction or protection of these cities.

Here’s how it works: In order to visit a city, someone who already has access to it must invite you. They do this by whispering an invite command to _saltshaker. After that, you’re all set! You just need to type the teleport command into chat, and saltshaker will whisk you away to the city. Keep in mind, you will be teleported to the city’s coordinates regardless of which dimension you’re in.

Want to try it for yourself? Whisper “pardon” to _saltshaker, followed by your username. Then, type “o tempora o mores!” into public chat, and _saltshaker will teleport you to the city called Otes! Otes is featured in the screenshots to the right.

PLEASE keep in mind, anyone who knows a city’s teleport commmand can invite whoever they like. AND REMEMBER: ONCE YOU TELEPORT TO A CITY, THERE’S NO WAY TO GET BACK TO WHERE YOU TELEPORTED FROM.